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Each year, Orthofix helps thousands of people throughout the world live mobile, active and fulfilling lives. Doctors look to us to provide regenerative and reconstructive solutions that will enhance the health and well-being of their patients who may be suffering from degenerative diseases, trauma, sports injuries, limb deformities and other medical conditions.

Every patient story on our website spotlights a real patient with a real story. Read their experiences below to see how these patients are thriving with the help of products from Orthofix.

Orthofix Spine Patient

Laura Wilkinson's Story

“In order to do things no one has ever done, you have to be willing to do things no one else is willing to do.” – Laura Wilkinson, Orthofix Spine Patient

When Olympic Gold Medalist Laura Wilkinson was training for her fourth Olympic Games, her quest was almost derailed by cervical disc degeneration. Fortunately, Laura had a successful ACDF surgery using an Orthofix cervical plate system to stabilize her spine in combination with Trinity Elite™ allograft to aid in bone fusion. During her recovery, Laura wore an Orthofix CervicalStim™ Device, a lightweight and portable device that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate bone growth at the fusion site. To learn more, watch the video or follow the link below.

Laura's Story

Motion Preservation

Randy's Story

It’s very rewarding that I’m getting the opportunity again to go out and do what I love — be a firefighter and serve my community.” – Randy, firefighter and an M6-C™ disc patient

While fighting a house fire, the roof collapsed and almost ended Randy’s firefighting career. Watch the video to see how the M6-C disc helped Randy return to serving his community as a firefighter. To learn more about the M6-C disc, visit our patient education site at the link below.

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Limb Reconstruction

Lucie's Story

“The future is bright. I think I will be able to get back to full-time exercising. I will be able to hike, paddle, do some mountain climbing and live a regular life, without pain.” – Lucie, limb length discrepancy patient

Lucie injured herself at the beginning of the summer in 2020, while wakeboarding. This resulted in a spiral femoral fracture. She underwent a first surgery to address the injury that resulted in her losing 3 cm of length to her leg. After two months of battling pain, Lucie was unable to do the things she loved and struggled with even simple activities like walking. Limb-length discrepancy can be a challenging condition to tackle, with severe consequences if left untreated. An orthopedic surgeon in France recommended surgery with the Fitbone™ limb lengthening nail. She was operated on again in November 2020. Two months later, her femur had reached the original length. To learn more about Lucie’s story, please watch her video.


Spine Fixation

Jennifer's Story

“I never wanted to be photographed. In my eyes, I was this deformed girl. Now, I am the beautiful person that I always wanted to be.” – Jennifer, scoliosis sufferer and Spine Fixation patient

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jennifer was diagnosed at 14 years old with severe scoliosis; her condition was so painful that she remembers even the slightest movement would “almost bring me to my knees.” Her spine condition continued to deteriorate over the next decade, and Jennifer’s pain and subsequent depression worsened as well. She and her family continued to seek help from numerous doctors over the years until she finally met one who wanted to try a minimally invasive surgery to straighten her spine. Fortunately, the surgery was a success, and Jennifer was able to stand up straight for the first time in years. To learn more about Jennifer’s story, watch her video. 


TJ's Story

“Before my surgery, I wasn’t able to do things like a normal dad. Now, I love fishing with my daughter.” – TJ, Retired U.S. Army medic and Biologics recipient

For a career military man like TJ, parachuting from a plane or helicopter was part of his usual routine. But after a jump, TJ’s “sprained” ankle was later diagnosed as broken, and the surgery to insert three screws in his ankle was unsuccessful. Suffering from chronic pain, TJ was eventually medically discharged from the Army. Back home, TJ had another failed surgery which left him in worse pain; the next doctor TJ saw recommended that he have his lower leg amputated below the knee. Refusing to give up, TJ eventually met an orthopedic surgeon who made a plan to rebuild his ankle with Trinity Elite™ allogenic bone graft material, which is donated human bone processed to preserve the living adult stem cells.

“My future looks very bright,” says TJ, after the successful procedure turned his life around. He and his family are grateful for the donor who made it possible. To learn more about TJ’s story, watch his video.

Bone Healing Solutions

Helen's Story

“The simple things you appreciate. I can play with my grandchildren, it’s wonderful.” – Helen, Bone Growth Therapy patient

For Helen and her husband, fishing has always been one of their favorite activities, but the hobby turned into a nightmare when Helen fell on some wet rocks and broke her leg in multiple places. Following surgery and months of physical therapy, Helen was still in pain and had difficulty walking. To learn how a bone growth stimulator helped Helen return to her active life, watch her video. To learn more about Bone Growth Therapy, visit the patient education website at the link below.

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Kevin's Story

“I had given up hope that Kevin was going to walk. Seeing him walk is just amazing.” – Kacie, mom of Kevin, bilateral clubfoot sufferer and Pediatrics patient

Kevin was born with Moebius syndrome, which means he’s unable to smile, blink, grimace, or make any kind of facial expression. Children with Moebius syndrome can also have club foot. Kevin has bilateral club foot, meaning it affects both of his feet. With a careful therapy regimen and Kevin’s determination, a 10-year-old little boy who had never walked soon found himself up and about. Watch his video to learn more or visit the link below.


Fracture Management

David's Story

“The doctor said he could possibly save my leg, but there was no guarantee. Today I feel free.” – David, BMX cyclist and Orthopedics patient

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Twenty-two-year-old David had been performing extreme BMX stunts since he was 14 years old, but it was his job delivering pizza that almost ended with a leg amputation. On his way home from work, he was hit by a car, breaking every bone in his leg, crushing his foot and severing his nerves. To hear more about David’s story and learn how Orthopedics helped him reclaim his life, watch his video. To learn more about Orthopedics, visit our patient education website at the link below.



Foot & Ankle

Doug's Story

“To walk out on the pier with Carolyn and watch the sunset is something I didn’t think would be possible again.” – Doug, Orthopedics patient

When he stepped on a nail near his home, Doug never dreamed that the wound would lead to several surgeries and almost result in an amputation. Watch the video to learn more about Doug’s story.