LRS ADVanced

The Orthofix Limb Reconstruction System™ (LRS) is a series of modular monolateral external fixators to be used in reconstructive procedures for treatment of short stature, bone loss, open fractures, non-union, and angular deformities.

Features & Benefits

Many years of clinical experience have confirmed the efficacy of the device, providing good outcomes for the indications above as well as facilitating improvements over the original surgical technique.

The innovation in the LRS Advanced has produced improved efficiency; increasing its ease of application in deformity correction, joint contracture and bone transport with short segments. This has expanded the available choices for the surgeon as there is now a system of external fixation for the effective treatment of deformity and bone defects that is better tolerated by the patient.

  • Flexibility
  • Versatility
  • Stability and safety in corrections
  • Availability of radiolucent components
  • Safety during angular correction​

Patient Education Websites


  • Short Stature
  • Bone loss
  • Open fractures​
  • Non-union
  • Angular deformities


  • Patients with mental or physiological conditions who are unwilling or incapable of following postoperative care instructions.
  • Patients with severe osteoporosis, patients who are HIV positive and patients with severe, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.
  • Patients with foreign body sensitivity where material sensitivity is suspected, tests should be made prior to implanting.​