SambaScrew SI Fixation System

The SambaScrew​® System is a complete solution to fixating the sacroiliac joint. It consists of a 9mm diameter, cannulated screw with multiple fenestrations on its shaft with streamlined instrumentation. ​

  • Fenestrated screw design allows bone growth through the implant
  • Low profile screw head designed to prevent soft tissue irritation
  • Indicated for autograft and allograft with instruments designed to deliver additional biologic material into the SI joint
  • Incorporates radial slots along the screw’s body intended to optimize surrounding bone access to the bone substitute, allowing greater bone growth through the SambaScrew
  • Tapered screw tip to aid in guidance through pilot hole
  • Low profile screw head prevents soft tissue irritation
  • Available in 6 lengths to accommodate patient anatomy, 25mm-50mm in 5mm increments


The SambaScrew SI Fixation System is i​​ntended for fixation of sacroiliac joint disruptions. This fixation device is to only be used in skeletally mature patients.


The S​ambaScrew SI Fixation System is contraindicated for use in patients with:​

​Open wounds, infection, presence of tumor, pregnancy, osteoporosis, certain metabolic disorders affecting osteogenesis, certain inflammatory/neuromuscular conditions, and certain neuromuscular deficits which would place an unusually heavy load on the device during the healing period.

The implant is made from Ti-6AI-4V ELI (medical-grade titanium alloy). The fixation implant is contraindicated in any individual with a known or suspected allergy, sensitivity or intolerance to metal.