Pennig Dynamic Wrist Fixator

The Pennig II Wrist Fixator is a highly stable, lightweight fixator for distal radius fractures, with double ball-joints that allow fracture reduction in all planes with the fixator applied.

Features & Benefits

  • The wrist joint can be mobilized without displacement of fracture fragments. Extra-Articular applications allow unrestricted motion from day one and improved patient function during treatment with preserved volar tilt.

Physician Benefits

  • Cam design indicates locking position
  • Strong double ball-joint matched to radial carpal anatomy for easy fracture reduction in all planes and for early mobilization of wrist joint if desired
  • Double-ball joint design for ease of reduction ​
  • Allows visualization of fracture at reduction and follow up
  • Radiolucent e​xtra-articular module for fracture visualization​
  • ​Ulna outrigger for ulnar instability
  • Variable pin placement in the distal fragment

Patient Benefits

  • Low profile design​


  • Trans-articular and extra articular applications for distal radius fractures and corrective osteotomies.


  • ​Patients with mental or physiological conditions who are unwilling or incapable of following postoperative care instructions.
  • Patients with severe osteoporosis, patients who are HIV positive and patients with severe, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.
  • Patients with foreign body sensitivity. Where material sensitivity is suspected, tests should be made prior to implant insertion.​