The task of removing PMMA bone cement during revision arthroplasty has always posed a challenge to the surgical team. Difficulty in visualization, ambiguity in discriminating between cement and bone and unpredictable scheduling all add to unnecessary complications and in the worst cases severely compromised bone stock and the need for expensive prostheses and other reconstructive materials.

Product Highlights

OSCAR™ was introduced specifically to facilitate the removal of bone cement during hip revision procedures using ultrasound to soften the cement shell holding the implant in place. Special probes are deployed in a sequence to collect and remove the softened cement from the host bone. The technique reduces manual force and is designed to reduce the risk of bone fracture and perforation. The technology is well accepted and has become one of the most commonly used products for joint revision surgeries where cement fixation is involved.

Over the last 15 years total joint surgery has moved, in some countries, away from cemented fixation to the use of press-fit prostheses. Adding the function of aiding the removal of cementless prosthesis to the OSCAR system was a natural extension of the intended use in order to cater for the changing needs in arthroplasty revision surgery. Ultrasound remains one of the most effective and safe energy forms available for powering surgical instruments.

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The Orthosonics OSCAR3™ is intended to be used for cutting and removal of bone and acrylic bone cement in orthopaedic applications.