The myHEXplan™ mobile app is designed for use with the treatment management of the TL-HEX TrueLok Hexapod System™ external fixation device. Successful treatment with the TL-HEX TrueLok Hexapod System is not simply a matter of correct external support and strut adjustments, but of full-circle care.

Download on Android and Apple

Benefits to Surgeon

With only a few clicks, the myHEXplan app will enrich your clinical practice by providing:

  • A remote view of your patient’s postoperative treatment actions on the mobile app
  • Patient educational and motivational support in between the scheduled check-up visits

Benefits to Patient

The myHEXplan mobile app will provide your patient:

  • Access to their treatment(s) schedule on a smartphone, in addition to the current paper one(s)
  • Reminders for strut adjustments and pin-site care
  • Access to educational materials about treatment with the TL-HEX system
  • Educational and motivational support and other useful features


  • The myHEXplan system is not intended for the diagnosis of diseases or the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or to affect the structure or any function of the human body.
  • The myHEXplan system does not substitute the paper treatment plan provided to the patient by the surgeon.
  • The information visualized on myHEXplan system is not a substitution for the scheduled check-up visit with the surgeon.
  • Any changes on the paper treatment plan will be provided to the patient by the surgeon during the check-up visit.
  • If any malfunction of myHEXplan system occurs, please always remind the patient to continue the daily strut adjustment program according to the provided printed treatment plan.