Contours VPS Volar Plate

The Contours VPS™ (Volar Plating System) is an anatomically contoured, delta-shaped plate intended for volar applications to the distal radius. The benefits to utiliz​ing a volar approach for fixation of distal radius fractures and osteotomies are that the dorsal tissues are preserved and it may reduce the chances of tendon ruptures occurring.

The Orthofix Contours VPS plate features an angled head with two rows of holes for placement of screws distally on the radius to secure bone fragments and provide stabilization. If a bone graft is required, access to the site is made possible by the triangular opening in the plate that spans from the plate head to the distal portion of the shaft. The shaft of the p​late is placed proximally on the distal radius and offers a variety of K-wire and screw placement options for secure fixation to the external surface of the bone. The device provides the stabilization and fixation necessary in the treatment of distal radius fractures and osteotomies to allow early functional use of the hand.​​

Physicians Benefits

  • Greater range of screw sizes intended to stabilize large and small fragments
  • Sophisticated, multiple-function instrumentation​
  • Contoured plate precisely designed to fit variable surfaces
  • Two rows of fixed angle locking screws designed to provide the strongest interface for subchondral support
  • Precise screw angles designed to provide for optimal support for the radial styloid, dorsal and mid-third articulating surface
  • Converging screws designed to provide superior support
  • Standard plate length and long plate length for shaft fractures
  • Bending crease in plate to adjust angle of the radial styloid screw
  • Color-coded plates
  • Low profile locking screws intended to minimize tissue irritation
  • Microthreaded screws designed to provide bone fixation superior to a smooth peg design​ and​ to minimize the potential for shattering
  • Unique screw housing for maintaining appropriate length within tray

 Patient Benefits

  • Designed to minimize postoperative tendon irritation and provide early range of motion


The Orthofix Contours VPS-3​ (Volar Plating System) is intended for the volar fixation of fractures and osteotomies involving the distal radius.​


  • Cases in which there is active infection local to the operative site.
  • Any patient having inadequate tissue coverage over the operative site or where there is inadequate bone stock, bone quality, or anatomical definition.
  • Patients with metabolic bone disorders such as severe osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus and Paget’s disease.
  • Cases in which the Contours VPS plate would cross joint spaces or open epiphyseal growth plates such as in skeletally immature patients.
  • Any time implant utilization would interfere with anatomical structures or physiological performance.
  • Suspected or documented metal allergy or intolerance.
  • Any patient unwilling or incapable of following post-operative care instructions.​