Centronail Titanium Femoral Nail

The Centronail™ family utilizes nail-connected distal targeting which is accurate in all anatomical sites and minimizes fluoroscopy time.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of use – color coded system
  • Reduced inventory – universal instruments
  • Versatile – Multiple proximal and distal locking options
  • Nail connected distal targeting – accurate screw insertion and reduced X-ray exposure
  • Titanium nails and locking screws
  • One design for left and right femur
  • Antegrade and retrograde insertion
  • 2500 mm radius matches the average femoral procurvatum


Centronail Titanium Femoral Nail™, within the Orthofix Titanium Nailing System, is intended for insertion into the medullary canal of femur for the alignment, stabilization and fixation of various types of fractures or deformities caused by trauma or disease (provided that the epiphyses are closed). These include: traumatic fractures, re-fractures, non-union, reconstruction, malunion, malalignment, pathological fractures and impending pathological fractures.​


  • Active or latent infection in the affected area
  • General medical conditions including: impaired blood supply, pulmonary insufficiency (i.e. ARDS, fat embolism)
  • Patients who are unwilling or incapable of following post-operative care instructions
  • Obese patients
  • Suspected or documented metal allergy or intolerance​​